4 Steps to Stress-free Homeschool Planning

Homeschool planning can be a huge source of anxiety.

Some people are great planners and get their lives organized down to the last minute detail.

I was never like that. I struggled to think one day ahead, never mind a whole month or year! (I did get better with time though!)

I had a general plan of what we would do in a year, but planned more specifically for only about a month ahead – and then it was a fairly loose plan that kept changing all the time.

Sometimes I wrote what we did into my planner after we did it! (Send help!)

If you struggle to plan and don’t know where to start, then this post is for you!  

How to plan for homeschooling

Let’s talk about how to plan for homeschooling in a simple, easy way and eliminate your stress.

Consider yourself

Homeschooling is not just about books, supplies and activities, it’s about you, the homeschooling parent. Where are you at? Schedule a meeting with yourself and ask yourself these questions:

  • How are you feeling – physically and emotionally? Homeschooling takes emotional and physical stamina, so take this into consideration.  
  • Are there things you need to change to make homeschooling work better for you? Do you kids need to help with more chores? Do you need some alone time every day? Do you need to switch curriculum?
  • What does your family schedule look like for the next year? Is there a baby on the way? Are you moving? Are there other big changes happening like a new job, having to work, or dealing with illness?
  • How can you look after yourself better this year?

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Seek God’s will for your homeschool this year. Lay aside your own plans and ideas. Ditch the comparison with other homeschool families and follow God’s will for your family.

Choose a verse for the year that will help you stay focused on God’s plan for your schooling.

Click the image below to get my free printable of my favourite encouraging verses for homeschooling.

Mockup of bible verses for encouragement

Keep it simple

Keep your planning simple. Don’t try and do all the things that everyone else is doing. Get the basics in place and then add as you see time and space for it. Sarah Mackenzie’s article on keeping your planning simple using spiral notebooks is a gamechanger!

If trying to include field trips, extra subjects, and other activities stresses you out, then don’t do them!

Simplify your school supplies. Sort through your craft supplies and workbooks and get rid of stuff you don’t use or need anymore. Decluttering will help you think more clearly and stay focused on what’s most important.  

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Determine your schedule

Create a daily schedule that includes time for personal devotions, meals, meal prep and clean up, and household chores so that everything gets done.

Leave enough “buffer” time in between to allow for delays and disasters (you know, the washing machine overflowing or your kids having an argument).

Create a weekly school schedule that maps out what subjects you will do each day. Plan to do core subjects like math, reading, and language, every day. Other subjects like science, history, art and music can be alternated weekly.

Schedule downtime for yourself and your kids. Homeschooling is intense and in order to survive, you must make it work for you.

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Sign up form for schedule printable

What is the best homeschool planner?

Having a planner helps to keep all your thoughts together in one place. It doesn’t have to be super-fancy, just a place to, well, plan!

For years I just used a day-per-page planner I bought at a local stationery shop. 

But if you want to get more specific and detailed, check out this one from The Shining Mom – it’s free, subject to sign up.

Check out the Passion Planner too – it’s not specifically designed for homeschooling but it could work because it gives you place for a work to-do-list and a personal to-do-list, scribble space, monthly calendars, and your whole week across two pages. It has a free download option and will only cost you printing. 

Now you’re equipped to go out and do your planning – without the stress and anxiety.

Don’t lose sight of why you are homeschooling in the first place.

Planning is not homeschooling. The day to day learning and living is – and that’s where you need to be present.  

What are your best homeschool planning tips?

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Jennifer Lovemore

Jennifer homeschooled all three of her kids-with no teaching qualification. Her kids are grown now but she is still passionate about homeschooling. She lives in South Africa.


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