8 Ways to Make Time for God as a Busy Mom

Quiet time with God for busy moms

Busy mom, do I need to convince you that you need quiet time with God?

I don’t think so!  

As a Christian Mom you have a dilemma: You know that you need time with God, yet squeezing that time into your already crazy days seems impossible.

What to do?!

Don’t run on empty. Make time for God somehow! You are giving of yourself all day long and need to connect with God so you can continue giving.  

8 Ways to make time for God as a busy mom

Examine your priorities

If you aim to fit in time with God “when you have a chance”, it’s probably not going to happen. You’ll get busy or distracted or disaster will strike (been there, done that, and didn’t like the T-shirt).

Evaluate your schedule and decide when to have your quiet time and then make that a set appointment with God. Guard that time and treat it like an unbreakable appointment.

As a busy homeschooling mom there will ALWAYS be more to do each day than you have time for.

I found that when I made Jesus first, somehow everything else fell into place and I got more done in a day.

You may need to say no to social activities, church responsibilities, or field trips so you can be less busy and have more time for what really matters. Once your kids are grown you will have time for all those extra things. This is a season and it will pass.

Adjust your expectations

Recognise that your time with God now won’t look the same as it did before you had kids. It may happen at a different time or in a different place (the bathroom maybe? J) It may be shorter or consist of different stuff.

If you don’t change your expectations it could leave you feeling defeated because it’s not happening when it’s “supposed” to happen (as in, early morning).

Give yourself some slack – you’re dealing with a colicky baby, kids that throw up at the oddest hours, wet beds, heaps of laundry, cooking, cleaning, and then school on top of all that?! (We homeschool moms live on the edge! Of insanity.)

Spending time with God is not about checking off a box. It’s about meeting with your Friend and building a relationship with Him. And He knows what stuff you’re going through.

Heidi says,

“There was a time when my kids were little that I felt defeated that I wasn’t doing it (quiet time) in the morning. I felt like that’s when it was supposed to happen. Then I came to the point where I realized He just wanted me to come. He knew my frustrations, He knew my heart, He just wanted me to come. So it didn’t always look how I expected, but it was still fruitful.”

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Make use of moments

Listen to scripture songs or audio Bible while you dust and sweep or cook. Pray in the shower or while you exercise (this worked for me). One mom has a waterproof Bible that she reads in the shower! (Now that’s cool!)

Others pray while washing dishes or walking the dog. One mom puts her Bible on a cookbook holder in her kitchen so she can read it when working in the kitchen.

Carry memorisation cards in your pocket and when you have a few moments whip them out and put God’s word in your heart.

Redeem the time by making good use of your moments.

Train your kids

From the time our kids were small we trained them to have a quiet time before they got out of bed. They listened to scripture songs or looked at a Bible story book for a few minutes.

Train your kids to respect your devotional time. Allow them to play quietly while you read your Bible.

Have a family bible time and let your kids watch a Bible story on DVD while you read your Bible and pray.

Create a rest time during the day and use it for yourself, not to get stuff done. If you haven’t had devotional time, then do it. If you got up really early and had quiet time then use the rest time to take a power nap (best thing ever invented!) so you’ll get through the rest of your day without snapping heads off.

It may not always work perfectly, but if you aim toward teaching and training your kids to have and respect devotional time you will eventually succeed.

Wake up earlier

When I asked how moms squeeze devotional time in on a homeschooling group on Facebook, the overwhelming response was to get up before everyone else wakes up. This will look different for each person – some get up at 6am, others, at 2am (she’s a superwoman!)

Do what your situation demands. I usually woke at 5am, but some mornings, when I was desperate for alone time (serious introvert here) I got up at 4am.

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Go to bed earlier

So you can get up earlier. This takes discipline because it’s really tempting to get stuff done once the kids are asleep. But in the long run it’s counterproductive because you can’t wake up early the next morning to have devotions which leaves you at the mercy of yourself and without God’s power.

Take God with you in all that you do

Maintain a constant running dialogue with God about everything you are doing. Ask Him what He wants you to do about discipline issues, homeschool challenges, what to cook, what to do next on your never-ending to-do list.

Walk with God moment by moment.

Make your devotional time relevant

Study things that are going to help you with what you are living right now – discipline, patience, character growth, prayer, true education, etc.

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The bottom line is to remember that your devotional time will change how you relate to your family, it will strengthen you and give you power to endure, and it will give you wisdom to face the challenges.

While God won’t tolerate laziness and lack of effort, He does understand that you’re a busy, frazzled mom and He will meet you where you are – in the shower, walking the dog, or early in the morning.

How do you squeeze devotional time with God into your day?

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Jennifer homeschooled all three of her kids-with no teaching qualification. Her kids are grown now but she is still passionate about homeschooling. She lives in South Africa.


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