6 Things you Already have that Qualify you to Homeschool with Confidence

things that qualify you to homeschool

Do you feel unqualified to homeschool? You have no teaching degree, feel inadequate, overwhelmed, and intimidated.

You worry that you’ll make a huge mess or create learning gaps for your child.

You are not alone.  Many homeschooling parents feel the same.  But just because you feel unqualified doesn’t mean you are.

Because successful homeschooling doesn’t depend on a degree. Your qualifications lie elsewhere.

6 things that qualify you to homeschool with confidence:

You are the parent of your child

It takes 18 000 hours to earn a PhD (so I’ve heard). By the time a child is three years old a stay-at-home mom has spent that many waking hours with him or her.  You are qualified to teach your child because you know your child like no one else does.  You have earned your PhD in your child.


Is homeschooling for you? Be sure you know why you have chosen it because people will question you, doubt your ability, and think you are doing the wrong thing for your kids. They will think that your kids’ education is inferior to what they would get in school.

Conviction will overcome the doubts of others as well as your own.  You will stick to it because you believe in it.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and you are going to need that will to find the way. I had many “unwilling” days. I just did not want to do school!  I had to practice surrendering my will to God so that I could do what I believed was His will for me.

Be sure that if you are the one doing the homeschooling that you are the one willing to do it and that you are not doing it because someone else wants you to.  It’s hard enough as it is.  Being unwilling will make it harder.

“Warmth, responsiveness, and consistency are far more important to the young child’s learning than is the parent’s level of education.” [i]


This will carry you through the times you feel you don’t want to do another day of “school”! It will carry you through the frustrating days, the boring days, the plain-hard-work-days.

Knowing how to pray

I’m not talking eloquent prayers.  I’m talking real prayers that grab hold of God’s promises by faith.  “Lord, show me what to do, and thank you that You will show me because you promised.”

You are going to need a large amount of wisdom as you teach your children and God is the source of all wisdom.  You need to know how to ask and hear from Him. You can develop this while you homeschool if you don’t have it already.


For your kids.  Because there are going to be days you will be highly frustrated with them.  Your love for them will make you get up the next morning and do it all again.

Your love will shine brightest when your kids are their dullest. You will encourage them when they feel hopeless and dumb. You will help them try again – because you love them.

If you have these six things you are well on your way to success. The rest you will develop while you homeschool.

Your confidence lies in your qualities, not your qualifications.

Do you feel unqualified to homeschool? What makes you do it anyway?

[i] Raymond and Dorothy Moore, Home Grown Kids, pg 33

About The Author

Jennifer Lovemore

Jennifer homeschooled all three of her kids-with no teaching qualification. Her kids are grown now but she is still passionate about homeschooling. She lives in South Africa.


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