6 Essential Character Traits you Need for Successful Homeschooling

Character traits for successful homeschooling

Successful homeschooling is not dependent on your education and qualifications. It’s more dependent on your character.

And your character (like mine was) may be sorely lacking!

But, the good news is, some things are learned in the process of accomplishing a task.

And, as you homeschool your kids you will grow and learn new things yourself.

In fact, I’m convinced homeschooling is about character development – in your kids, and in yourself!

There are some basic character traits that will determine your success as a homeschooling parent. Here they are:


Homeschooling requires a huge amount of self-discipline. It’s easy to get distracted and put school off for a more convenient time (maybe never?) As the parent-teacher, you are the one that has to show up every day and do the work. And that demands self-discipline.


Because this is going to be one of the most challenging things you will ever do. Keep going when it seems the learning is going backwards instead of forwards. Keep going when you’d rather be reading or “Facebooking” or taking a nap or making a difference where it will be noticed.


Because your little people are going to try your soul to the utmost. God doesn’t give us patience on a platter when we pray for it. He gives us circumstances that develop patience. One of the most common comments I got from people after they heard that I homeschooled was, “Oh, I could never do it. I don’t have the patience!”  Well, neither did I.  I learned it.


Homeschooling requires attention to little things. Teach those times tables and phonics rules well. Expect the dishes to be washed properly or the floor swept well. Be faithful in the little things. Follow through.


Chaos is a bad environment for learning. The best learning happens in a relaxed but orderly home. Having a schedule and a time and place for everything creates stability and security, and your children will learn better. Plan your lessons, meals, activities, and projects.


Smiling opens a child’s heart and helps him to learn. Little people don’t absorb much when it’s accompanied by scolding and frowning. Your children will need you to smile and be cheerful when you don’t feel like it.  Sing while you do chores. Smile when your kids do well and smile when they don’t.

I am not a qualified teacher.

Homeschooling qualified me.

And if you choose it, it will educate you as much as it does your children.

Because you learn as you teach.

Which of these qualities do you have? Which do you need to learn?

About The Author

Jennifer Lovemore

Jennifer homeschooled all three of her kids-with no teaching qualification. Her kids are grown now but she is still passionate about homeschooling. She lives in South Africa.

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